Situation of local election in Costinesti, brought back to discussion

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) is again discussing the situation of the local election in southeastern Costinesti, Constanta County, after at the end of last week it rejected the request to cancel the electoral ballot in that locality, the Constanta County Electoral Bureau (BEJ) reported on Monday.


According to the spokesman of the BEJ, Vlad Jipa, “within the BEC, the subject of Costinesti is being discussed again”.

“According to the last report of correcting a material error of today 17.06.2024 of BECL Costinesti, the score for the mayor is 772 to 771, a difference of one vote. According to the additional electoral lists for local election, in position 24 the Ukrainian citizen voted without the right ( …). On the additional electoral lists for the European parliament, without having the right to vote, the Ukrainian citizen (…) voted at position 42,” informed the BEJ Constanta representative.

At the end of last week, BEC rejected the request to cancel the elections in Electoral District no. 29 Costinesti, formulated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – Constanta branch. The decision was made after analyzing the supporting documents received from the Municipal Electoral Office (BECC) no. 29 Costinesti, which concluded that it is necessary to cancel the elections for the local public administration of June 9.

In the document submitted by BECC Costinesti to the BEC, several irregularities were mentioned, including the fact that two people, one of whom is a Ukrainian citizen, voted without having this right.

After the votes were counted several times in Costinesti, the candidate from the National Liberal Party (PNL) was declared the winner for the position of mayor, to the detriment of the PSD candidate, with a difference of only one vote.

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