Romania’s Senate marks 160 years since establishment

The president of the Senate, Nicolae Ciuca, leader of the National Liberal Party, emphasized on Monday, in the speech delivered at the celebration of the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the Senate, that we celebrate Romania’s belonging to a European democratic tradition and a national identity based on the principle of political pluralism and the balanced exercise of political power.

“The Senate is not only the expression of a national identity, but also the expression of a democratic tradition. A democracy is as strong as its representative parliament. And a strong parliament is a parliament that effectively carries out its main functions. Representation of an independent nation, the free debate between power and the opposition of the major themes for society, coherent and predictable legislation, but above all the effective democratic role on the activity of the executive. At the same time, a strong parliament is a parliament that enjoys the trust of the people, the foundation that determines stability the political regime,” said Ciuca.

The Senate is a key partner of the Government in the effort to modernize the country and had an essential role in the process of Romania’s accession to NATO and the European Union, it is emphasized in the message of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, sent on Monday by Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu, head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, at the solemn session of the Senate.

“A fundamental pillar of democracy, the rule of law and the defense of citizens’ rights, the Senate stood out for its active role in the major events that marked Romania’s destiny. Created in 1864, just five years after the Union of the Romanian Principalities by ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the Senate was essential in the creation and development of the modern Romanian state. Through the adoption of the first Constitution, through the proclamation of Romania’s independence and through the ratification of the acts of the Union from 1918, this institution has always supported major reforms in all fields of activity,” the message reads.

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